In order to help the steel industry, Farafolad company, with the help of its.....hh expert and experienced team, has provided operational and strategic solutions in this industry. Including industrial and construction sections, it has always thought about advancing this industry
Now, after a long and distinguished experience in this industry, it is ready to offer unique solutions in today's changing world
The future of Iranian steel, with its rich natural resources and cheap and available energy carriers, is still one of the most profitable industries in the country and a suitable platform for attracting foreign investment. Therefore, in this lucrative way to guarantee capital and increase its return, we are proud to always be a reliable, trustworthy and loyal companion with you

We are looking for a new thinking challenge in the steel industry​​​​​​​

Farafoolad Company invites business and manufacturing owners to the challenge of changing the traditional view of innovation in the use of available resources and value creation chain processes

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